We're back again baby

At Thunder we've been working on moving to a sustainable future and a print-to-order workflow.

Your order will now arrive in about a week, and you can now shop assured we haven't printed stock in the thousands, and potentially misjudged which would be the most popular sizes.

This way, you'll never see your item on sale after ordering. That's always a kick in the nads.

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  • 2022!

    We're back and we've moved to a sustainable future and print-to-order setup! This way we haven't printed thousands and misjudged the most popular sizes.

  • We're Live

    We've been dragged kicking and screaming into the 2020s. Here we are on Shopify. Now you can click a shop now link through future instagram posts, erm hopefully.

  • Third bit of news

    Mind's blank. nothing more to report. As you were.